10 Best Tips For Writing A Dissertation Literature Review

Students struggle with the literature review section of their dissertation. It might interest our readers to know that the literature review appears at the start of the dissertation. It is worthy of note to state here also that paragraphs that give the title of each book and summarizing their contents do not constitute a literature review. The literature review should be about 25% of the entire dissertation. 

The question now is: ‘How do you write an excellent literature review?’ We have you covered through the following 10 supper points, created by writing professionals from DissertationTeam.

1 Research Questions: You are first to sort out the issue of the research question before going into the exercise of the literature review. This will give you the opportunity of knowing where and how best to approach the issues at stake and it is a time-saving device.

2 Your Search: You have to be extensive in your search for materials online. You are going to come across several online databases for useful ideas as well as materials that are available through libraries of higher institutions.

3 Relevant Content: You are going to come across several contents online. To separate what is needed; the materials to be considered should be one that has a bearing on your research question only.

4 The Key Themes: You must deal extensively with the key themes in such a way as to give a clear understanding and full meaning of your work to your readers. This will provide you with the direction to build your text.

5 Scrutinize Everything: Your reputation is at stake while formulating your literature, you should make all assurances doubly sure to verify all the facts before you pen them down.

6 Your Findings: Taking it further from identifying key themes and issues; it is a must that you reach certain findings in the light of your analysis of literature that fits into your review.

7 Validity: All your sources must be valid. When dealing with classic texts, they retain their authenticity for thousands of years while cutting edge, on the other hand, should be dealt with through extra care.

8 Categorization: If we are to go by a bright way of excellent findings; then one will say that when reviewed materials are categorized into for and against, it represents a perfect way to present findings. 

9 The Theory: You have to understand the theory behind each of your quoted sources. Clearly explain the rationale behind each of the quoted text. The position that you have reached at the end of the literature review should be perfectly explained.

10 Authority Of Your Source: If you are to confer legitimacy to your work; then you must consider materials whose authors are professionals in their notch. The question of the authenticity of your source must be settled if you are to make the desired legitimate impact with your literature review.

Final Tips

The above tips are our takeaway on writing a perfect dissertation literature review that will confer legitimacy on your work.


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