How To Write Your Dissertation Methodology


Immediately after the dissertation literature comes to the methodology and it should be seamless with the dissertation literature. Having looked at the works of scholars before you and dissected their method of approach, you are expected to come up with your approach of how you are going to gather your data and the method you are going to use to process it. This is termed your dissertation methodology and it is the total of how you are going to approach your dissertation.

What Must Your Methodology Look Like?

There should be a concord between your research questions; the literature of the sources and the professional help with homework you used in arriving at your conclusion joined together with how you arrived at your conclusion. What you are going to include in the methodology section should include the following:

Recap Your Research Questions 

The key questions that you intend to answer should be recapped during the introductory section of the methodology. The problem should be reworded in a way that will fit into the literature review and methodology.

You have To Describe Your Design Or Method

The process for the gathering of your data and its analysis must be well explained in a way that will allow readers to apply your model to their data set when they read through your methodology.

Rational And Background For Your Design Choice

It is expected that you use your methodology to convince the readers on the reason why the choice of your methodology is by far better than the existing protocol. Right from the literature review, you are expected to present your choice as the best approach to the questions that you have set out to answer.

Evaluation Of Method And Statement Of Limitations

There is no perfect technology; in the same way, there is no perfect research. The limitations of your research should be clearly stated. You have to be honest in your assessment here without any form of prejudice whatsoever.

List Of Types Of Dissertation Methodology

The list below includes the common types of dissertation methodology that you can use to achieve expected results.

  • Scientific study
  • Study in the social or behavioral sciences
  • Critical dissertation in the arts or humanities
  • Creative arts dissertation

What Should Be Out Of Your Methodology

  • An extensive review of methodologies
  • A Very long, detailed list of equipment or excessive procedural detail
  • Raw data

Attributes Of A Great Methodology

Where the methodology is within the scope of an undergraduate level, there should be the ability to put together what you have learned through scholars in your discipline which must be shaped into your research question is vital to a successful write-up. 

For the postgraduate methodology, it should appear convincing enough at all levels. It involves a rigorous engagement that brings out the best productive results.

The methodology is the engine that drives the dissertation proper and hence the approach should be thorough and total. The power of rhetoric should be effectively deployed to persuade your audience.

Final take 

The engine that drives the dissertation is the methodology. Steps should be put in place to ensure that it is properly executed to achieve the results that call for cheer.