Tips on How to Motivate Yourself to Write Your Thesis

Writing a thesis is neither a difficult task nor an easy task. One needs commitment and discipline for it to be accomplished. You might have more free time, better health, money, and more excellent knowledge, but somehow you cannot write your thesis. You need thesis motivation. Even though you know the potential rewards are exceptional: more excellent job opportunities, academic recognition, an impressive title, personal satisfaction- it can be difficult to work hard and finish your thesis.

How to get motivated to write thesis

  • Set big goals for your life

Before you begin researching your thesis, write down key goals that your thesis will facilitate. Whether it is getting the opportunity to work in a big company, a salary increase, writing a book, being recognized as an expert, or starting your business, this should be enough to motivate me to write my thesis.

You may go the extra mile by sticking these goals somewhere around your workspace. It will help both in Master’s and PhD thesis writing motivation. When you’re finding it challenging to write a particular chapter, go back to those goals.

  • Set small goals for your thesis

If you have big dreams to achieve, set small goals. The small plans will contribute to fulfilling the big dreams.

How to motivate yourself to write your thesis involves; writing perhaps 1500 words in a day, completing a chapter in 3 weeks, exercising, filing your notes, creating time to meet with your supervisor for guidance. All these are small goals that will motivate you to complete your thesis.

  • Daydream occasionally

It is part of the thesis motivate. Fantasize on your life after completing your PhD or your Masters. Keep in mind that getting there is not easy, and you have to sacrifice or do something unappealing to get there i.e., offering your time, sleep, and money.

Remember that all these sacrifices are short-term, while getting your PhD or your Master’s is long-term or relatively permanent. Getting it is not impossible. It is all in your hands.

  • Have a Schedule

Make a schedule, follow it and stick to it as the best way to get thesis writing help. If you work hard consistently and stick to your plan by meeting your deadlines, you will have enough time to be recharged and thus become less stressed.

  • Reward yourself

Completing a goal is not easy, whether it is small or big. It doesn’t matter. Reward yourself after a specific plan. Think of rewards that will recharge your energy and make you do more than what you have accomplished.

How do you ensure you are staying motivated during thesis writing process? Appreciating yourself is not a crime, so do it every time you have accomplished something. Goals and incentives work together to help you over the line of a difficult task.


Staying motivated during the thesis writing process is critical. It will prevent you from having unnecessary stress and give you a chance to finish your thesis on time and focus on other things like building your career. You have what it takes to get there. All you need to do is sacrifice some things for a short period, focus on your goals, follow your schedule, and stick to it.

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